Who Is The MedTech Solutions Group?

MedTech Solutions Group (MTSG)  was founded by 3 MedTech Executives with over 75 years in combined experience and success in globally commercializing medical devices that improved patient outcomes, lowered costs of care, and in several cases, changed the way healthcare is practiced.





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• Define your international commercialization objectives.

• Develop your international marketing, sales, and clinical strategies.

• Execute and manage your international commercialization plan for existing brands or new technologies at a country level.





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Through a network of professional Distributor Partners, who know their markets and have a history of growing product portfolios.

Led by the Regional MTSG Leadership Team Members who work with their distributor partners to grow MTSG managed brands.

Supported by HQ MTSG Leadership Team Members who manage the overall execution of the commercialization plan for each client.

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Because when MTSG represents your brand, and the distributor network markets your brand, your brand receives the collective knowledge, experience, and successful track record of launching new products and growing existing brands, including:

• VAC® Therapy & SNaP®
• PROMOGRAN™ & Regranex®
• Triadyne® & Atmosair®
• Cobe® BRAT & Novacor® LVAS
• And More...

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OUR Global Leadership Team


Chris Fashek

Founder, Chairman Of The Board

Past President, CEO, and Board Member of Spiracur, the developer of the first disposable, single patient use NPWT system. Vice Chairman of KCI USA where he led the launch of the VAC Therapy System, and in between, Executive Chairman of Systagenix. Chris continues to be a member of several Boards including NanoVibronix, Argentum Medical, Rochal Industries,  The Wound Healing Foundation and, The World and Craniofacial Foundation.


Ron Dziedziula

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Past VP of Marketing for KCI during the launch of VAC Therapy, and later, for Spiracur, developing the acute strategy for their disposable NPWT system. Global experience in executive management, marketing strategy, product development, and QC/QA. Held positions of increasing responsibility for start-up (Cupron Medical, Novacor) to industry leading (KCI, Baxter, Cobe) companies operating in the wound care, pulmonary, cardiovascular, intensive care, and infection mgmt. markets.

Tami Siewinski

Founder, Chief Clinical Officer

Certified emergency, critical care, and burn nurse (active duty USAF, US Army Institute of Surgical Research). Responsible for clinical education and sales training during the launch of KCI and Spiracur NPWT offerings. Clinically focused, global, industry experience (Spiracur, KCI, Hollister, Inotec, Kerecis) including research, product development/launch, clinical education, sales training, and reimbursement.

Theresa Wilson

Director, Clinical Services       

Over 17 years of experience as a clinical practitioner with a primary focus on advanced wound and ostomy care. She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management.  She is a Full-Scope Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nurse Specialist and participates in several professional wound care organizations.

Debbie-Royder-MedTech Solutions Group

Debbie Royder

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Experienced executive assistant and office management professional who has supported senior executives in the administrative, legal, and wound care businesses. Prior to MTSG, Debbie has worked with Chris and other members of the MTSG team at KCI, Systagenix, and Atteris.

Frank Dilazzaro

VP Business Development

Over 25 years experience establishing and leading international commercialization strategies and organizations for multiple medical device companies, including KCI, Systagenix, and Spiracur. Based in London, England

MTSG- MedTech Solutions Group Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy

VP & General Manager
Europe, Middle East, Africa

Over 30 years experience in the wound care industry, most recently as the Worldwide Head of Wound Care for Convatec, based in Switzerland. Paul has also held leadership roles within the wound care franchises of BSN Medical, KCI, and Smith and Nephew; as well as leading an award-winning start-up in the wound management space. Based in London, England

Noelene Haimes

VP & General Manager

Over 20 years experience representing PolyMem and other products in the wound care space initially as an owner of a distribution company in Australia and for the last 14 years as the Regional Director for Asia Pacific. Based In Brisbane, Australia

Moises Carvente

VP & General Manager
Latin America

Over 20 years experience in the development of the Latin America market for select medical products including KCI’s VAC Therapy Independent owner of distributor company in Latin America. Based in Mexico City, Mexico

Need a one-stop solution for your International commercialization needs?

About MTSG

Think Globally…Execute Locally

The MedTech Solutions Group provides a one-stop solution for your international  medical device commercialization needs.

We partner with our clients to 1) define their international commercialization objectives; 2) develop their international marketing, sales, and clinical strategies; and 3) execute and  manage their international commercialization plan for existing brands or new technologies at a country level.

Country level execution and management is led by the regional based members of the MTSG Leadership Team, supported by a team of clinical specialists, and delivered to end user customers through a network of distributors to 75+ countries.


Countries Served




Working Together Since:

OUR Coverage

Currently, The MTSG global reach extends to 75+ countries spread across 4 regions.
Historically, MTSG has extensive Global EXPERIENCE IN LAUNCHING & GROWING BRANDS,

Experience MAtters

In addition to launching VAC Therapy in
1995  and establishing the Negative Pressure
Wound Therapy (NPWT) Category into what is
today a $2B global market, the MTSG team played
a significant role in bringing innovation to other
important Therapeutic Categories
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.14.45 AM
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.24.41 AM
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.27.21 AM
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.16.56 AM
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.25.51 AM

90+ Distributors

With a global network of 90+ distributors, regional executives and clinical support, MTSG has the global resources in place to grow your brand(s).

75+ Countries

MTSG is constantly looking to expand the # of countries where clients’ products are marketed. Current reach is, 75+ countries; and counting!

35+ Years

Experience Matters! The MTSG Team members have successfully grown brands and launched products, globally, for 35+ years.

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1 Stop Solution

MTSG provides a one-stop solution for your
International medical device commercialization



Years Of

Launching Products, Growing Brands

We are uniquely experienced in combining global strategic thinking and planning, with regional leadership, execution, and support.

MTSG Team members, working individually and together, have a proven history of global success in launching new products and technologies, as well as growing existing brands. Our success has been achieved with multiple disposable and capital equipment technologies and brands, across several therapeutic categories.

Every client who partners with the MedTech Solutions Group to address their International commercialization needs receives the benefits identified in our Core Strengths below.


Our Core Strengths

Experienced Global Team
Excellent Clinical Expertise
Broad Company Experience
Established Networks
High Level of Ethics & Integrity
Proven Global Success
Achieving Financial Growth
Varied Industry Experience
Collaborative Relationships
Nimble & Adaptive

Your International Solution